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20 things NOT to say or do to a person with dementia

Kate Swaffer When it comes to identifying the things that have the power to annoy, hinder or offend someone coping with dementia, Kate Swaffer should know. Not prepared to accept that life was over, when she was diagnosed with dementia 8 years ago, this Australian 57 year old mum-of-2  has turned herself into a prominent campaigner, […]

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  • 4 June 2016

5 tips for organising a rewarding and dementia friendly day out

For anyone living with dementia a good trip out with family or friends can lift the spirits and provide a rewarding day for all involved.Emotional memories tend to linger and although someone living with dementia may not remember the details of a day out for long, the feelings of wellbeing and contentment that stem from […]

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  • 3 June 2016

Warwickshire charity WRAP expands its dementia support services in Stratford

A Warwickshire charity which supports people living with dementia and their carers is expanding its services in Stratford.Warwickshire Reminiscence Action Project — better known as WRAP — was initially set up 20 years ago to support and train people caring for older people in the community. It started under the control of Warwickshire’s Community Education Service, but […]

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  • 1 June 2016