Dementia assistance dogs – helping with the future of dementia care

Dementia assistance dogs could alter the way that care is provided to dementia patients as it becomes a growing issue in the UK, along with the pressures put on care homes.Dementia Dog Kaspa who took part in the first dementia dog trials in Scotland in 2013Dementia dogs joining the ranks of assistance dogsThere is plenty […]

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Hospital patients with dementia welcome new distraction room in Doncaster

Nursing support staff at a mental health trust have come up with a new initiative to help their patients with dementia to connect with their past. The two nursing assistants at Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust have created a specific room for people with dementia and memory problems.Johanne Keeton and Jayne Powney, who […]

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BBC launches music website to help those living with dementia

The BBC has launched a new music website to help people living with dementia “reconnect with the music they have loved” and trigger happy memories. Research has highlighted the health benefits that music can play in helping people reminisce. Memories tend to be strongest from people’s teens and early twenties and reconnecting with music they associate […]

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