Dementia carers in Cheshire urged to sign up to Police dementia safety strategy

Keeping people living with dementia safe is a key priority for Cheshire Constabulary and they are urging families to sign up to the Herbert Protocol - a scheme aimed at making it easier to find someone with dementia should they become lost and go missing.

The Herbert Protocol is a nationwide initiative being rolled out by police forces across the UK and supported by The Alzheimer's Society. The aim is to provide reassurance to families that should a loved one with dementia become disorientated, wander off and go missing, police will have the necessary information to hand immediately to help them find the person quickly.

Cheshire Police's Herbert Protocol

Janette McCormick

Janette McCormick, Acting Chief Constable of Cheshire Constabulary, explains:

"We have rolled out the Herbert Protocol, a scheme specially designed for people who live with dementia, many of whom often start to wander and sometimes go missing. The scheme works by encouraging their carers to complete a simple online form listing all vital information which can be easily accessed should they ever go missing."

Carers are being encouraged to fill in the Herbert Protocol, which is a form containing information about a vulnerable person. This can be kept safe at home just in case they should ever become lost. Information is then easily on hand about routines, medical requirements and favourite places to visit, and can be handed over to the police, alleviating the worry of collecting it together during a stressful time.

Watch Cheshire Constabulary's video about The Herbert Protocol below...

Click here to visit Cheshire Constabulary's website for further information on when and how to use The Herbert Protocol, and to download the form.

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