Drama group offers support to dementia carers in Farnham

The skills and techniques of improvisation, commonly used by actors to cope with unexpected or tricky situations on stage, are being utilised at a newly formed drama group in Farnham to help dementia carers develop a range of strategies to deal with the demands of caring for someone with dementia.

The Take Care Group at Farnham Maltings uses theatre workshops to provide a fun and light-hearted way for dementia carers to meet each other and develop useful and practical strategies to deal with the unexpected, and sometimes stressful, situations caring can often throw up. 

The course is based on a programme of 6 sessions which can be enjoyed on a one-off basis or following on from one another. Aimed at both family and professional carers, the sessions are intended to be both fun and sociable.

Develop a 'yes' approach

The organisers aim to help carers develop the skills and confidence to be able to adopt a "yes" approach to unfamiliar caring situations - such as when the person they are caring for retreats into an alternative reality and would benefit from the carer 'going along with it' for a while.

The sessions introduce carers to the techniques of improvisation and how to transfer these to a caring role. Each session will begin with a welcome circle and warm up, followed by a couple of exploratory activities with a break in between. Some of the topics explored will include changes in character, distraction, empathy and dealing with awkward situations. The session will then end with a cool down and an opportunity for reflection.

No previous experience is needed. The sessions are intended to be light-hearted and fun with a chance to socialise over a glass of wine or cuppa.

To find out more, contact Kath Boddy, Arts and Health Programmer at Farnham Matlings
     Tel : 01252 745444
     Email : kath.boddy@farnhammaltings.com
     Website : www.farnhammaltings.com/events/take-care-2017-spring-3/

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  • 23 January 2017