MASE groups offer friendship and dementia support in Staffordshire

MASE or Monthly Alzheimer's Support Evenings have become a well established support network for people living with dementia in Staffordshire.

MASE was set up originally by 2 volunteers who themselves had direct experience of caring for loved ones with Alzheimer's disease. The aim is to get rid of the stigma surrounding dementia and bring people together coping with the condition in the hope of removing the social isolation too often faced by their carers .

The meetings, held once a month, have the feel of a pleasant evening out. There is a buffet, raffle and  musical entertainment and people are encouraged to mix and make friends  in a friendly, safe and understanding environment.

But running alongside the party atmosphere is a serious side, with information available for carers to let them know about the services, resources and benefits available locally, and health and social care professionals  on hand to answer questions and provide emotional support.

Elaine & DaphneMASE   volunteers            

Carers regularly express how much they enjoy attending the MASE and the difference it has made to their lives. This is something for them to look forward to and helps with emotional well being and can avoid depression. Many carers initially appear low and stressed and see their future as bleak and lonely but meeting and chatting to others can throw a different light on things, particularly with the network of supportive friendships that are formed. 

Monthly MASE meetings are well established in Haughon, Rugely, Cannock and Hednesford, and following their success a new group has been started (from May'15) in Stafford.

To find out more, click the link here to visit the MASE group website:

Or contact Daphne on 01785 211140, or Elaine on 01785 823110

Photo courtesy of the Staffordshire Newsletter​

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  • 2 June 2015