A DEMENTIA charity that runs a specialist nursing service for patients and families in Hull has said scrapping it will put more pressure on struggling families.

NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group and Humber NHS Foundation Trust has decided to axe funding for the Admiral Nursing service in Hull, which provides support for almost 80 patients and their families.

Dementia UK has now warned that stopping the service could lead to a rise in costly hospital admissions.

Wendy Weidner, of Dementia UK, said: "We were very shocked and surprised when we heard the Hull CCG announced it was withdrawing funding for the service.

"Caring for patients with dementia is not easy and as the disease progresses, the needs of patients can become more complex.

"Without specialist nurses, there is more pressure on families and that can lead to an increase in emergency hospital admissions.

"People are beating down our door to get these sorts of services in their area, so for Hull to decide they don't want it any more is surprising."

Dementia workers from across the country have rallied to support the work of Admiral in Hull, which is due to end in April next year.

Dementia nurse Lucy Frost has started a petition calling for NHS bosses to reverse their decision to decommission the Admiral Nursing service in Hull.

Miss Frost, who also helped to care for her grandmother during her battle with dementia, said: "It's outrageous what they are planning to do. Specially trained dementia nurses are vital to helping both patients and families who are affected by the disease. We should be hiring more of them, not getting rid of the ones who are already there."

In a statement, NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group and Humber NHS Foundation Trust say they will replace the Admiral Nursing service with "a new comprehensive Carer Support service".

A spokesman said: "It will include specialist staff to support all carers who look after patients with dementia."

The organisations said demand for dementia support will soon overwhelm the service Admiral Nursing can provide in the city.

"Our ambition is to improve the information, assessment and support services available and to make sure that we can do this for all carers in the city, but especially for those who care for people with dementia."

Republished from the Hull Daily Mail

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May 27, 2015