A stay in hospital is an anxious time for anyone, but for the families and friends of a patient living with dementia, the worry can be unbearable. The unfamiliar people, places, and routines, change of scenery, and lack of stimulation can all have a devastating effect on someone coping with dementia. 

But one daughter in Australia has been brave enough to share her video of the transforming effect that listening to his favourite Elvis Presley songs has brought her Dad on his recent stay in hospital.

Blacktown Hospital in New South Wales, Australia run a 'Music and Memory' programme on the wards to help staff develop a connection with each patient and help ease their anxieties.

Staff created a personal playlist for Sean based on his favourite Elvis Presley songs so when he arrived on the ward he was able to listen to them through an ipod and headphones. The effect was immediate!

The video shows him clicking his fingers, wiggling his hips and singing along.

Trish, his daughter explains that Sean's dementia often leaves him angry, agitated and distressed, but the songs have helped him remain happier and more relaxed during his stay. 

His whole behaviour has changed, so for us at home, we haven't been so worried about how he's going here at hospital.

We know that this music has brought a lot of happiness while he's been here ... and he's been dancing around the ward since it's been happening."

Trish Scerri 
Sean's Daughter

Staff have reported his mood improves and his spirits lift every time his headphones go on. The effect of his favourite songs is heartwarming.  Take a look for yourself.....

Source: itv.com March 2017

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March 28, 2017