Beatrice Allegranti Dance Theatre present their new work-in-progress I've Lost You Only To Discover I Have Gone Missing, inspired directly by people living with Young Onset Dementia and their families.

During 2017, Beatrice Allegranti Dance Theatre created bespoke participatory dances for people living with the rare diagnosis of young onset dementia and their families. This dance theatre work-in-progress emerges from the stories shared and relationships forged.

The evening presentaion at the Merton Arts Space on Saturday 2nd December and
Transmitter Hall, Alexandra Palace on Saturday 9th December, will consist of:
Several short films about experiences of dementias, at 6pm
Pre-performance participatory dance workshop, at 7pm
The dance theatre performance, at 7:30pm
Audience discussion and Q, at 8pm

An international cast of four dancers – Luke Birch (UK), Sabrina Gargano (Italy), Takeshi Matsumoto (Japan), and Aneta Zwierzynska (Poland) – will take to the stage to share the impact of the autobiographical dementia stories on their own bodies.

Through a choreographic blend of dance theatre woven with Jill Halstead’s commissioned soundscore, the audience is invited to bear witness to the challenges faced when engaging with wider existential and ethical taboos that the dementia stories have provoked. These include loss (of self; language; identity; relationships), fractured intimacy, caring for self-other, safety and consent.

The work-in-progress offers audiences an embodied kinship – allowing for the ineffable experiences of dementia to be collectively shared.

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Beatrice Allegranti is an award winning choreographer, UKCP Reg. dance movement psychotherapist, feminist writer, researcher and educator and extracts of the presentation have been shown at the Open Senses Festival (May 2017), Babel in Bloom (June 2017), The Wellcome Collection (July 2017), and The American Dance Therapy Association Annual Conference, Texas (November 2017).

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November 30, 2017