Dementia helpline - Admiral Nursing Direct

To meet the ever growing demand for its support services, Dementia UK have now extended the opening hours of its Admiral Nursing Direct helpline to make it easier for anyone coping with dementia to receive the specialised help and advice they need.

The telephone helpline which is run by dementia-specialist Admiral Nurses, saw a 35% rise in demand in 2015, prompting the decision to extend opening hours to weekends and weekday evenings.

Admiral Nursing Direct Helpline - 0800 888 6678
Opening hours from April 2016

Monday to Friday : 9:00am to 9:00pm

Saturday & Sunday : 9:00am - 5:​00pm

Admiral Nurses are all registered nurses who have a proven track record of successful work with dementia patients and their families. They are able to provide expert help, emotional support and practical advice to anyone coping with dementia symptoms - whether they have a diagnosis or not - or anyone simply concerned about a friend or relative and needing advice.

The dementia helpline provides an opportunity to ask any questions you may have and discuss your concerns, including : 

  • ​emotional and psychological support, helping you deal with your feelings
  • advice about the health and social care system, and how to get the best from it
  • help to understand the differing forms of dementia and its effects, and tips to cope with its effects
  • advice about how symptoms progress and support at transition times along the dementia journey - including care needs and information about residential care.

Calls are not timed and you can take as long as you need.

Hilda HayoCEO Dementia UK and Chief Admiral Nurse                 

“Family carers are increasingly turning to our helpline to gain the advice and support that they are unable to obtain from their local health and social care services, due to a funding or specialist skills shortage. Our helpline is a lifeline to many family carers and we are pleased to be able to extend our helpline opening hours to support them.”

For more information, click here to visit the Dementia UK website

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April 11, 2016