Local residents in the village of Ash, near Guildford, have formed a Dementia Action Alliance (APDAA) to help create their own dementia-friendly community that is open and accessible to all.

Ash Parish Dementia Action Alliance (APDAA) is made up of local residents, including people living with and affected by dementia and partner agencies, all of whom are passionate and committed to actively contribute towards improving the lives of people living with dementia, their family, carers and friends within the local community.

With the support and funding from Guildford Borough Council's Aspire Project, the alliance have planned a series of events to mark Dementia Awareness Week (14-19 May 2017).

Events include a dementia friendly service at St Peter’s Church; Active Minds, a dementia friendly music and tea event at the Lion Brewery pub; an information gazebo on the Wharf; dementia friendly books and items at Ash Library; and keep active and fit taster sessions.

The week will close with the official launch of the APDAA, giving people the opportunity to access information from other agencies and speak to members of the APDAA.

Local shops are supporting the launch week by featuring dementia friendly themes with many of them participating in the dementia friends awareness sessions.

Those that have completed a session will be wearing a Forget Me Not badge.

Local businesses that sign up to APDAA will display a sticker in their shop window to show people living with dementia and their carers that they are committed to developing a dementia friendly business.

Article courtesy of Guildford Dragons News 12/05/17

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May 12, 2017