A Bradford company leading the way in innovative design is expanding its range of specialist dementia friendly products for the healthcare industry.

Signage and graphics company, New Vision, were first commissioned by Bradford Royal Infirmary back in 2012 to create bespoke wall murals and display graphics for a groundbreaking project to transform 2 acute elderly care wards at the hospital looking after patients with dementia.

Creating dementia friendly environments

Designer Andy Edwards worked on several new concepts to explore how design could influence patient behaviour and improve the environment for both patients and staff. The end result was the production of several  innovative new dementia-friendly products including Image boards,  Kodak style slide wall displays and personalised Memory boxes.

Innovative dementia design

Kodak style slide frames give the reassurance of familiar images from the past and provide opportunities for reminiscence therapy.

 Aimed at reducing levels of patient agitation, improving wayfinding, and providing a calming, familiar atmosphere where patients could be encouraged to share memories and reminisce, the products have all proved highly effective.

Dementia friendly products - memory boxes

A Memory Box by each bed can be filled with an object of personal significance to the patient that he/she can easily recognise and remember.

The result, for the hospital has been a transformed space which won the Award for Best Interior Design at the respected Better Healthcare Awards 2012, and for New Vision, has provided the impetus for a change of direction and the launch of their own specialist healthcare division.

Designing dementia-friendly products 

Using its experience from creating the bespoke products for BRI, the company has gone on to work with around 20 NHS Trusts around the country, and has kept on expanding its dementia-friendly range of products.

The emphasis is on producing designs that have a positive impact on the immediate environment, and assist dementia patients in 3 key areas of care:

  • creating a feeling of calm and well-being (and thereby reducing agitation and upset)
  • Triggering memories and supporting reminiscence therapy
  • Finding their way about and locating their own spaces.

The range of dementia friendly products now includes a digital fish tank, a 1950s style TV that plays nostalgia films, dementia friendly signage and various items for reminiscence rooms, such as false fireplaces and windows.

Dementia friendly products

Dementia friendly signage helps patients find their way around

Tony Stead, Health Lead at New Vision explains: 

“This has been a real journey for our business and incredibly rewarding.
We worked closely with the clinical team at BRI to develop the first products and also to appreciate the very different environment we would be working in. For instance, the behaviour of our installers needed to take account of the needs of patients .
Dementia friendly product design

We're keen to bring new products to market - for example we supply a 1950s style TV relaying films from the Yorkshire Film Archive as a memory booster and we are also introducing a 1970s version in recognition of the growing number of younger people living with early onset dementia. We have also developed a digital fish tank for use in hospitals which replicates the real thing."

At a time when two thirds of medical beds in general hospitals are occupied by people over the age of 65 with around 30% of them having dementia, and a staggering 80% of those in care homes living with dementia or some kind of severe memory problem, the need for improved dementia-friendly design and innovation is clear.

The company has recently upgraded its website to showcase its products, and next on the list is an online shop, which Tony hopes will be up and running in the next few months.

For more information about New Vision's range of dementia friendly products and bespoke design service  click here to visit their website -www.new-vision.co.uk/health/

Or contact Tony Stead at New Vision - Telephone 01274 728831

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April 22, 2016