Make a date in your diary : Wednesday 24th June, 11am Radio 4

This is when "The doctor's Dementia" is due to be broadcast and it makes compelling listening. Reviewing the programme for The Guardian, David Hepworth explains why....

You have to hear The Doctor’s Dementia. (Find it on BBC iPlayer Radio 4 The Doctors Dementia)
It’s about – no, it stars – Jennifer Bute.
Jennifer is a radio natural, talking in the kind of relaxed but authoritative style that would inspire confidence among the occupants of a storm-tossed lifeboat. You can see why she’s in demand as a public speaker. That’s not just because of her wide experience, working in Africa, India and Ukraine, or her years of medical practice. It’s because of what Jennifer speaks about, which is her own dementia.

Because she’s in the position of being able to report back from her journey to this previously unknown world, to tell other people what it’s like and to help them be ready should it happen to them or those close to them, she regards her condition as a gift.

When dementia began to impinge upon Jennifer’s life, in her 50s, she took steps to mitigate the effects. She got a sat-nav to find her way to the surgery. She sent herself emails at the end of every consultation. She took early retirement. She produced leaflets to hand to people so that they knew how to deal with her when it struck. She moved to a village to be among fellow sufferers.

The fact that at no stage in this programme does she sound like the victim of anything, even as she pauses to think before telling us how many grandchildren she has, is what drives home the point that this really could happen to anyone and may happen a lot earlier than we think.

Highly recommended.

Extract from an article in The Guardian originally published 20/6/15

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June 22, 2015