​Technology which simulates a vintage train journey will provide dementia patients valuable opportunities to relax and reminisce thanks to development from Stroud based company Rempods.

Rempods specialise in creating calming spaces in care homes and hospitals for people with dementia, and the setting for the steam train simulator has been specially designed to help people remember a bygone era. 

A 60 inch TV screen fitted behind a facade of an old fashioned railway window plays hours of real footage of a scenic train journey, sounds and smells enhance the experience, and the area surrounding it is fitted out with furniture and accessories mimicking a traditional rail carriage.

Reminiscence therapy dementia

The benefits of reminiscence therapy in dementia care

There is growing evidence that reminiscence work, particularly when done a one-on-one basis, can improve mood, wellbeing and some mental abilities such as memory.

Helping residents to share their early memories can boost their self-esteem by focussing attention on what they can remember rather than what they can't, and can help combat the isolation and loneliness so many feel.

The train simulator is just one of a range of reminiscence aids produced by Rempods which aim to improve the quality of life for people with dementia living in care.

The ideas come from Richard Ernest, who created Rempods in 2009 after realising the importance of familiarity for dementia sufferers and seeing a need for care homes and hospitals to have more stimulating surroundings for those living with this debilitating condition.

York City Council are a recent customer, investing in a set of the company's Reminiscence Pods for use in its care homes around the city. The 3 pop up pods in the form of a garden shed, a 1940s shop and a pub are fully furnished and stocked with appropriate items but are fully moveable so they can be easily transported between sites. 

To see the full range of products click here to visit Rempod's website

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May 11, 2016