Bristol is all set for an exciting innovation in dementia support  thanks to the opening of a brand new Arts, Exercise and Wellbeing Centre aimed specifically at helping people living with dementia maintain the best possible quality of life for as long as possible.
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Run by Good Brain Gang, and based on successful international models of dementia care, the Bristol based centre is due to open on 6th November at the Park in Knowle.

Good Brain Gang's aim is to break down barriers between dementia care support/services and services that can benefit everyone. As a fully integrated service it will offer morning and evening services available to anyone in order to encourage the wellbeing of the whole family and their friends.

Angela Gartzen, Director of the Good Brain Gang in Bristol, explains....

'We want to offer days at the centre through which people are empowered as equals to forget about their dementia and enjoy focusing on ability, creativity, fun, enjoyment and appreciation of all they are still capable of, and offer to each other .... a real positive family-like community that our members will feel they own and have a stake in.'

Bristol based dementia support

Based on thorough international research, Good Brain Gang's core service will be a day service where people will be brought together as equals and can enjoy focusing on ability, creativity and fun whilst establishing a sense of purpose and a meaningful identity.

Everyone will be encouraged to appreciate all that they are still capable of, with a wide range of sessions from art classes and language learning, to yoga and mindfulness sessions .Members will be encouraged to discover new skills and interests by keeping an open mind and exploring what living well can mean for different people.

In addition to this, the centre will offer quiet areas where people can sit down and read the paper or books in a variety of langauges.

The space has been created with a unique approach by dementia design specialists and is designed for exploration of the senses to encourage a natural flow of activities with different areas for different moods.​

Good Brain Gang's core service will be open from 8:30am to 6:00pm so members will be able to choose when they arrive and leave.

To find out more, click here to visit Good Brain Gang's website 

Or, phone Mark, Angela or Roland on 01172 305555 with any questions.

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September 28, 2017