New Dementia support service comes to South Leeds

The Hamara Centre in Beeston, South Leeds is launching a community wide dementia support service to help people living with dementia, Alzheimer's disease and memory problems.

Mohammed FaroukHamara Chairman

“Dementia closes down families and isolates people, it’s important that we offer support to families.

“My friend was a successful senior manager, but the strain of looking after his mother, who suffered from dementia, led to the break up of his marriage. He took time off work to care for his mother and eventually his GP referred them to a dementia support group. He’s now getting his life back together and is working part time.”

Personal experiences like these prompted a decision at the Centre to step up its dementia support service. 

Arshed Lodhi who is co-ordinating the service at the Hamara Centre explains there are many types of dementia. Some are reversible, brought on by stress, trauma, or poor diet; others such as Alzheimer’s disease are not. The Centre hopes to offer greater support to all those living with dementia in the local area.

The service echoes back to Hamara’s origins twenty years ago, providing culturally appropriate services for Asian elders. But as well as doing that, the new service will support all sections of the Beeston community.

Hamara dementia support groups will run 3 times each week.

Tuesdays will see the continuation of the 'Recycled Teenagers' group aimed predominantly at the white community, a new group on Thursdays will offer specific support to Asian elders, and a session on Wednesdays will be mixed.

Although the Tuesday and Thursday groups are aimed at specific groups within the community, Arshed stresses that everyone is welcome at every session. 

Activities will include memory lane sessions with old photographs, sporting memories, films and songs and reminiscing trips. 

For more information contact Arshed Lodhi by...

ringing 0113 277 3330
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  • 21 July 2016